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Wet - look lashes

What distinguishes "Wet-look" lashes from traditional volume lashes or classic lashes? "Wet-look" lashes are achieved by applying volume lashes (superfine eyelash extension fibers) without fanning them (or almost not at all). Depending on the weight of the lash being used and the strength of your natural lashes, we pick up between 2-8 lashes and apply them to a single natural lash without fanning them out. It gives a glossier and more textured finish and gives the illusion of being moist - adding an extra level of drama to your eyes. On the other hand, traditional volume lashes focus on creating a fuller, more voluminous look without the added shine, and feel and look softer.

One of the great things about "Wet-look" lashes is that they work well for different eye shapes and styles. If you want a more natural look, some strategically placed "Wet-look" lashes in another set (wisps) can give your eyes a subtle pop or almost an 'anime' like look. But if you're feeling more daring and want to go all in, a full set of 'Wet-look' lashes can make you feel like a total bombshell.

Wet - look lashes

Wet-look lashes before and after

Wet-look Lashes Price

Wet - look lashes

Wet - look lashes

ca 120 min 

1195 :- 

These are volume lashes, but they are closed bundles - think spiky, wet-look - not light and fluffy like traditional volume lashes

Perfect for those who love the chunky/textured style of single lashes, but still want an extra dimension!

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