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Eyelash Extension

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Eyebrow tattoo

We offer unique and professional permanent makeup services for perfect eyebrows. Our three leading techniques include 3D nano hairstroke, powder brows and ombre brows. The 3D nano hairstroke technology creates the most realistic eyebrows, while the powder brows technology makes the eyebrows fuller and ombre brows gives a darker tone to the tail of the eyebrows. Come experience our services for confident brows today!

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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Aquarelle lips 

Tattooing lips with the aquarelle lips technique is the new and most popular way to get natural and plump lips. By carefully mixing different colors, we create a natural and gradient color, which gives an attractive beauty to your lips. A nano-needle is used to tattoo the color only in the superficial part of the lip, giving a blurred effect like water, without leaving dark spots. With our experienced team of lip tattoo experts, we will help you achieve the lips you've always dreamed of. Come to us to experience the aquarelle lips technique and create a perfect beauty for your lips.

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Permanent Lip Makeup

Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner tattooing is a popular method in long-term makeup. This method helps you get perfect eye contour without having to draw every day. Using a super-thin nano-needle and safe colors, tattoo artists expertly create natural or prominent eye contours according to your wishes. Eyeliner tattoo can be effective for several years and can withstand water, which helps you save time and money on daily makeup. Before you decide to use this method, however, you should research carefully and find a reliable address to ensure the best results for your eye contours.

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Permanent Eyelash Makeup

Relax facial treatment

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with our relaxing facial treatment that includes a nice facial massage. We start by cleaning the skin and performing a chemical peel to remove dead skin cells and improve the skin's structure. This is followed by deep cleansing and pore cleansing to give the skin a fresh feeling. We then finish with a relaxing massage, a nourishing mask and a moisturizing cream to give the skin extra nourishment and radiance. Finally, we use LED therapy to stimulate the skin's cell renewal and improve its elasticity. Our facial will leave your skin soft, radiant and fully hydrated.

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A woman getting facial masked

Lash extensions, Lashlift, Browlift and many more

We offer high-quality beauty treatments, including eyelash extensions, lash lifts, brow lifts and many more. For lash extensions, we use high quality lash hair and apply single, volume and mix techniques to create a beautiful and natural look for your eyes. With Lashlift we lift up your eyelashes to make them look longer and with browlift your eyebrows get a fuller look. With us, you can experience high-quality beauty treatments with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Come and experience it for yourself!

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Woman having an eyelash extension

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