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Eyebrow tattoo

Permanent makeup is a semi-permanent makeup method that creates long-lasting contour and color on your face. It can improve your confidence by creating natural beauty and balance for different areas of the skin, including eyes, lips and eyebrows. You can create fuller lips, radiant eyes and beautiful natural eyebrows without having to apply makeup every day. In addition, permanent makeup is a time- and money-saving solution that helps you be more creative and confident in your appearance.



Hairstroke is a long-lasting make-up method for the eyebrows that is created by drawing hair-like strokes with a semi-permanent make-up device. A very fine needle deposits semi-permanent make-up pigmentation in the top skin layer. Superfine lines resemble the appearance of individual natural eyebrow hairs.

What is the difference between hair stroke and microblading?

Unlike Microblading, Hair stroke is not harmful to the skin. Microblading can cause scarring in most cases permanently, while Hair Stoke leaves no scars. Hair stroke gives you the opportunity to have a fully saturated brow, better retention, less trauma to the skin and a smoother healing process.


Ombre brows, also known as powder brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft, nuanced brow pencil look. This amazing technology, first developed in Asia, has been around for decades and has gradually improved over the years. It gives excellent definition and depth to the brows. It is especially recommended for women with oily or combination skin or for those who regularly fill in their brows with pencil or shadow.

Ombre Vs. Hairstroke

Some of the main differences between these two eyebrow treatments include:

The difference between these two procedures is the technique used and the results achieved. The ombre brow has a highlighted look while the hair stroke brow involves drawing fine hair-like strokes to create a feather-like look. Both of these treatments require a healing period of two to four weeks, during which you must avoid any type of activity that involves contact with the eyebrow. These treatments both take two to three hours to complete and this again depends on your brow hair as a longer time is required for people with thicker brows.

Ombre-bryn, även känd som Puderbryn, är en semi-permanent teknik för styling av ögonbryn som skapar en mjuk, nyanserad brynspennel-look. Denna fantastiska teknik, som först utvecklades i Asien, har funnits i årtionden och har gradvis förbättrats under åren. Den ger utmärkt definition och djup till ögonbrynen. Den rekommenderas särskilt för kvinnor med oljig eller kombinerad hud eller för dem som regelbundet fyller i sina bryn med penna eller skugga.

● Avoid medication containing aspirin, omega 3 vitamin at least 4 days before the treatment.
● Eyebrow dyeing, waxing, plucking you can do about 15 days before tattooing.
● Do not sunbathe 7 days before your visit. You should also not take strong medications, or be under the influence of alcohol.
● Report any illnesses before your visit so that I have the opportunity to decide whether or not treatment can be carried out.
● Once there, you will be asked to sign a certificate that you follow these rules both for my safety and yours.
● We do not perform this on persons under the age of 18 without a guardian's permission.
● Allergy test: If you suffer from any metal or chemical allergy, we can recommend that you allergy test yourself at least one week before the planned treatment.
● The pigment color: sometimes the pigment color can heal to gray shades and the color can change over time, it depends on your body, your skin pigment, medications, vitamins, diseases...


● Wash the eyebrows 3 times with distilled or purified water (Apotheket) water and dry the eyebrows with a pad.
● Moisten a pad with “CHLORHEXIDINE” (Apotheket) to kill bacteria.
● Lubricate the tattooed area at least 4 times a day with an oily cream, such as Bepanthen or Vaseline. Apply the cream with a clean top. Make sure to have clean
hands and clean tops when applying.
● Absolutely DO NOT use table salt or other types of wound wash containing salts.
● The crusts / membrane fall off by themselves within a week. Don't throw them away! This can cause the color to follow and in the worst case form scar tissue. Depending on the skin type and how you take care of the aftercare, crusts sometimes do not form at all, possibly only thin flakes.
● Avoid exercise and physical activity that leads to sweating in the first week.
● Do not use face cream around the brows for a week. It increases the risk of infection.
● The treated area must be kept free from make-up, AHA cream and eyebrow coloring until the skin has completely healed. Applying make-up after a treatment can involve risks, allergic reactions that can lead to infections, loss of pigment, wounds and, in the worst case, scarring. Do not use makeup until the area is completely healed!
● Avoid long saunas, baths or showers, (avoid saunas and baths completely during the healing process)
● Avoid sunbathing, both outdoors and in solariums.
● Stay away from dusty environments where small dirt particles can easily enter and cause infection in the tattooed area. Also avoid external influences from exhaust gases and chemical vapors from e.g. hair dye and hair spray.
● Use sun factor 50 on the pigmented area while sunbathing (at least for 6 months). Sun, chlorine and salt water bleach the pigment so protect your brows carefully.
● Sometimes the pigment color can heal with a cold/grey shade as a result. It depends on your body's reactions, your skin type, medications, vitamins, diseases and etc.
● Good hygiene is essential to avoid infections. Treat the tattoo as an open wound; do not poke with your fingers and keep the area as clean and dry as possible.
● Guarantee for the final result cannot be obtained, due to different extreme skin variations (read also "Before the treatment".)
● Try to avoid sleeping on your face during the healing process.

Only after total healing can you see the final result (approx. 3-4 weeks). The final color and strength of the pigment may vary depending on your skin tone, skin quality and Permanent Makeup healing process.

The pigment may fade 10%-90% during the healing process after your first visit, Return visits are recommended within 6 weeks to fill in loss of pigment from the healing process. (Note: Book the return visit on the same day as you book the first treatment. So that you get an appointment within the correct time frame).

If you have oily, large-pored skin or bleed a lot so the pigment is pushed away a lot during healing, a 3rd visit may also be needed (not included) and the lines may heal thicker or with a shadow effect.

If you still have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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