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4Ever Young Beauty is looking for an experienced lash stylist for single and volume lashes, lash lift and brow lift

4Ever Young Beauty is currently seeking a skilled and versatile Lash Stylist to join our team. We are looking for someone with experience in both single and volume lashes, as well as knowledge in lashlift and browlift. If you have skills in additional beauty treatments, that is definitely an advantage.


Proven experience with single and volume lashes

Knowledge in lashlift and browlift

Ability to provide outstanding customer service and personal advice

Accuracy and precision in working with details


Areas of responsibility:

Perform high quality single and volume lashes to meet customer expectations

Provide professional advice on lash styles, lengths and shapes

Perform lashlift and browlift treatments

Ensure good hygiene and safety standards in all treatments

Continuously update knowledge and skills in eyelash and brow extension


We initially offer a part-time position, with the possibility of full-time employment based on your performance and ability. If you are committed, passionate and ready to showcase your talent, please send your resume, cover letter to

Please include images of your work on clients, as this will help us assess your skills effectively.

Join our team at 4Ever Young Beauty and help create exceptional beauty experiences for our valued customers.

Apply today and take the next step in your career in the beauty industry.

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