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Customer guarantee



We at 4ever Young Beauty strive to offer outstanding service and quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer a guarantee for some of our treatments:eyelash extension, lashlift and browlift.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results or experience of these treatments, we welcome you back for a complementary procedure that meets the same quality standards as your original booking.

For eyelash extensions: If you notice a significant loss of lashes within 5 days of the treatment, we are happy to take care of it. We would like to point out that it is natural to lose 3-5 lashes a day due to the growth cycle, aftercare, hormones and stress levels.

For lashlift and browlift: If the lashes have not been curved satisfactorily or if your eyebrows have not received the desired lift, we offer you the option to redo the treatment to ensure your satisfaction.

If you are unsatisfied in any way, please fill out our "Service Form" so that we can offer you the best option and ensure that you have the best possible experience.

1. We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy for all services we provide.

- In case of any cancellations or no-shows outside of our cancellation rules, half the amount stated in the booking confirmation will be charged.

- All cancellation fees must be paid in full before the next meeting with us ​​is booked.


2. Late to booking


We ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled reservation. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we may have to shorten the services we provide.

If you are more than 20 minutes late, the booking is considered completed and cancellation fees may apply.

3. Supplement policy

Please contact us before returning for any additional corrections:

– Within 5 days for lash/brow lift adjustment.

– Within 5 days for eyelash extension adjustments.

Correction will be treated with the same stylist or another stylist depending on the time we have available.


We do not offer a supplementary service or guarantee for bookings below:

  • Treatments that take less than 30 minutes to perform.

  • Student treatment

  • Model processing

  • Skincare

  • ​Waxing, Threading

  • Microneedling

  • Permanent makeup

  • ​​Microblading​_222000 00-0000-0000-0000-000000000222_

  • Or if aftercare instructions and advice have not been followed

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