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Eyelash extensions, volume lashes, single lashes, mixed lashes


Eyelash extensions have become popular for many women!

Are you tired of forever smearing mascara? Do you dream of having more time in the morning for a cup of coffee and less time to put on your make-up?

Don't worry, we have a great solution just for you.

Imagine waking up every morning with fuller, longer, blacker lashes without mascara! Yes, you read that right! We can do it for you.

What are eyelash extensions?
Unlike false eyelashes in a strip that you can stick on and off yourself, an eyelash extension is performed by a trained eyelash stylist at an authorized salon. The stylist attaches one or more new lashes to one of your natural eyelashes using a semi-permanent glue. This highlights your eyes in a naturally beautiful way!

The first visit takes about 2 hours, after the first visit you will return for a refill of lashes. How often you need a refill depends on your own natural eyelash growth cycle and how well you take care of your lashes. If you take care of your lashes and take care of them, refilling is needed about once a month. If the lashes are taken care of less, they risk falling off more easily and then refilling may be needed earlier.

Good things to think about before treatment:
Do not wear make-up during treatment or any oily oil-based cream around the eyes. You should not do eyelash extensions if you have/had an eye infection at least 3 weeks before.

Are there any risks with eyelash extensions?
If you go to a certified lash stylist who performs your lash extensions correctly, the risks are virtually non-existent. If you have sensitive eyes or are prone to allergic reactions, it can be good to tell us about it so we can do a test on your skin with the glue at least 24 hours before treatment.

What do you need to know about eyelash extensions?
Together, we look at what style you want on your new lashes, and bring out what suits your eyes, taking into account your natural lashes. We start from style, shape, thickness, length and which bend you want.

For example, if you want longer and more curved lashes or do you have heavy eyelids and want to make your eyes look more lively?

Once we've found exactly what you want, you lie down and your lashes are further cleaned to remove oil and dust, then protective pads are placed on your lower lashes.

Eyelash Extension

Here are the steps in performing lash extension with your eyes closed:

Preparation: The staff will advise and help you choose the type of eyelash extension that suits your preferences.

Wash and dry: The staff will check your eyelashes and wash them (if necessary) to remove oil, dirt and makeup from your eyelashes. Then your eyelashes are dried with a cotton pad and a gel pad is placed under the eyelashes to keep the lower lashes separated from the upper lashes.

Choose lashes and arrange them: The staff will choose lashes that suit your eyelashes and arrange them on a lash plate divided by size and length.

Use glue: The staff will take one lash at a time from the lash plate and apply some glue to it. Then the staff uses tweezers to attach the fake lashes to your natural lashes.

Arrange and attach the lashes: The staff will arrange the false lashes in rows and place them evenly on your eyelashes.

Dry the eyelashes: Once the staff has completed the process of attaching the eyelashes, they will use a fan or a nano spray machine to dry your eyelashes.

Check and Finish: Finally, the staff will check your lashes to make sure they are properly attached and evenly spaced. Then the staff removes the gel pad and completes the lash extension process.

Care advice:
● In order for the glue to dry properly, do not shower or wet your lashes for 24 hours after your extension.

● Avoid saunas, solariums, steam, salt water and chlorine water 48 hours after insertion. It is also good to continue to avoid this as much as possible to make the lashes last as long as possible.

● ALWAYS brush your lashes with an eyelash brush at least once a day. Also remember to clean the brush before using it near the eye. Especially if you had it in your bag or in another bacteria-filled place.

● Do NOT sleep on your stomach! Feel free to switch which side you sleep on or preferably sleep on your back so that unnecessary wear and tear on the eyelash extension is avoided.

● Use only OIL-FREE make-up and make-up remover around the eyes.

● DO NOT rub, pill, tug or pull the eyelash extension. If you want to remove the lash extension - go to your stylist. If you tear and pull out lashes yourself, your own lashes can go with it.

● DO NOT use eyelash curlers or waterproof make-up on or around the eyelash extension.

● ALWAYS clean lashes very gently with an oil-free lash cleanser once a day. If you don't do this, bacteria between the eyelash root and false eyelashes can collect and result in eye problems or an infection.

● DO NOT use mascara on your eyelash extensions. Mascara reduces durability and can cause your lash glue to dissolve. If you really want to use mascara, there are specially designed lash extension mascaras that you can use on the outer part of the lashes (not where the lash glue sits).

Do you want beautiful and perfectly shaped lashes that always look amazing? At our salon, we offer tailor-made price packages to suit all budgets, so you can enjoy high-quality lash extensions without worrying about the price. Our team of experienced lash stylists are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and outstanding results you'll love. On our website you can find more information about our different services and prices, and you can book your appointment today to start your journey towards a more confident and beautiful you! So why wait? Visit our salon today and experience the difference for yourself.

If you still have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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