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Nytt set Mix

  • 2 timmar
  • 1 195 svenska kronor
  • 4Ever Young Beauty

Beskrivning av tjänsten

🔹LASH EXTENSIONS INFO 🔹 Hybrid or Mix lashes extensions give you the best of both classic and volume. They are the perfect amount of texture and volume, but without the dramatic look. Great for you if you want just a little bit more fullness, or if you don’t have a lot of natural lashes and find classic lashes look too natural or even gappy. The application takes from 1,5-2 hours depending on which ratio of mix and volume suits you best. 🔹BEFORE APPOINTMENT 🔹 -Make sure that all make up, face cream or any oil based products are removed before the treatment. -Avoid using lash curler - If wearing lenses make sure they are removed. -In case of eye infection we are not able to perform the service until completely healed. 🔹 AFTER THE APPOINTMENT 🔹 - Avoid using lash curler / mascara or any oil based products directly on the eyelashes - Please do not rub pull or pick the lashes, we recommend that you use a spoolie for brushing the extensions - Wash 3-5x a week with lash shampoo and brush - Wait 24 h before showering or going to the sauna - Consider a refill after 3-3,5 weeks (75-90min) - We do not recommend self-removal due to the danger of natural lash damage. ❗IMPORTANT INFO ❗ - If you have lash extensions from a previous lash stylist we will need to remove them. Cost of removal service (300kr) -The price only applies to certain hours that you can book when you have chosen the right service. - Check the promotional price in the booking confirmation via email. - Lash adhesive contains cyanoacrylate - there is a possibility of allergic reaction. If you have experienced a reaction to the glue previously we do not recommend this treatment. ⋆Are you experiencing unusual lash fallout, feeling discomfort, severe itching, pain or swelling? PLEASE CONTACT US AT INFO@4EVERYOUNGBEAUTY.COM OR +467023-0027


- Vi förstår att livet ibland kan bli hektiskt och oförutsägbart, men vänligen meddela oss så snart som möjligt om du behöver avboka din behandlingstid. Vi kräver att du avbokar minst 24 timmar innan din bokade tid för att ge oss tillräckligt med tid att fylla upp den lediga tiden. Om du avbokar mindre än 24 timmar i förväg, eller om du inte dyker upp på din bokade tid, kommer vi att debitera 100% av det totala beloppet. - Vi tar inte emot avbokningar via sms, e-post eller telefon. Avbokning måste göras självständigt online. Du kan logga in på ditt konto där du kan se alla dina bokningar hos oss och välja vilken tid du vill boka om eller avboka. Tack för din förståelse och respekt för vår avbokningspolicy.


  • Hälsingegatan 12, 113 23 Stockholm, Sweden


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